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Age: 2 Years

Breed: Lop

Description: Chocolate lop. Neutered, waiting for final vaccination on 17/05

Character: Bolt has a lot of character, hes a very active rabbit who enjoys racing around his pen and jumping up onto the different levels. He can be a bit wary around people and can some times become defensive when you enter his pen. Bolt will need help to gain confidence around people but once he has got to know you he does enjoy a nose rub. He loves being out in the garden, exploring new things and racing round his tunnels. Bolt is inquisitive, he likes to know whats going on around him.

Home wanted: Bolt is looking for a new home with owners who can make time to help build trust with people. He has been in and out of homes before coming to fat fluffs so is waiting for some stability in his life, where he can build his confidence. He is also looking for a home with a rabbit friend for company. Bolt would suit either an indoor or outdoor home.

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