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Age: 5 Months

Breed: Helicopter lop

Description: Black and white, neutered and vaccinated

Character: Mable is a very active, young rabbit, full of energy and always up to mischief. She loves playing with her four siblings, exploring, jumping up high and cuddling with her rabbit friends. She is very inquisitive and fun to watch having a great time racing through tunnels and playing with toys. Mable is lovely to be around, she enjoys interacting with people and will come running over to say hello, jump on your lap for a quick cuddle and see if you have any food. Mable would need lots of interesting activities to keep her entertain as she is a very active young bun, that loves getting her nose stuck into everything. She also likes flopping out in the sun and having a nap, snuggled with her siblings. She would suit either an indoor or outdoor home

Home wanted: To be homed with her siblings or another rabbit for company.

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