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Age: 4 Years

Breed: Netherland Dwarf

Description: Pippin is a sweet Seal Point Grey, he is neutered and fully vaccinated against RHD2 and RHD1/Myxo.

Character: Pippin is an active little chap who loves attention. He will come running over to you to have a nose rub and check if you have any treats. Pippin is a charming fellow and will happily have a snuggle on your shoulder. He enjoys watching the world from his outdoor shelf and is very inquisitive. You'll quickly find yourself falling for this little bun.

Home wanted: Pippin would make a great friend for a family that already has a bunny or with another one from our rescue. He would be well suited to an indoor or outdoor home with a family that has the time to give this loving rabbit will surely receive so much in return.

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