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Dario *Reserved*

Dario *Reserved*

Age: 3 Years

Breed: Lop

Description: Dario is a Brown and white lop with beautiful patch work markings over his face and back. He is fully neutered and up to date with both his Myxo-RHD combi and RHD2 vaccine.

Character: Dario can initially come across quiet and reserved bunny, once you have gained his trust he is a sweet and loving individual who loves to use his dashing good looks to trick you into giving him extra treats and trust us hes gotten pretty good at it. Dario is a charming and well-natured bunny who would be a perfect companion to a lonely friend.

Home wanted: Dario would be suited to both an indoor or outdoor home, he enjoys flopping out in the sun and having plenty of space to exercise.

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