Sponsor a Bun

Not all the rabbits that come into Fat Fluffs are well enough physically or emotionally to be rehomed and they stay with us for the rest of their lives. More often than not they stay because they have health issues and these can incur very high vet costs ....

Our new Sponsor a Bun Sceme has been launched!

Our new Sponsor a Bun scheme gives you the opportunity to sponsor one of our Fat Fluff resident buns.  Our current gang includes Rupert, Coppit, Gabby, Arial, Burt and long term foster bun Peggy Sue.

Each Fat Fluff is available for sponsorship at £24 a year or .....

Dual membership can be purchased for £48 a year which includes long term foster bun Peggy Sue and any one of the Fat Fluff rabbits ......

Alternatively you can sponsor the whole Fat Fluffs gang for £60 a year.

Sponsorship will include a photo, car sticker, birthday card, certificates and updates throughout the year.


Peggy Sue  Peggy Sue  Peggy Sue  Peggy Sue  Peggy Sue  Peggy Sue  Peggy Sue  Peggy Sue

Peggy Sue was handed into Fat Fluffs because her owner couldn't cope with the amount of work her coat entailed. She was rehomed but, despite us being on hand to help, again her coat was too much and when she came back in we decided the best thing for her would be to stay with us where we could keep on top of her thick and wooly fur! Peggy Sue is also one of our "gummy bunnies" having had to have her front teeth removed due to overgrowth; she manages really well without them but we do have to grate and slice all the food otherwise her husbun Buddy tries to steal hers because it tastes so much better!! Peggy Sue can be a bit of a madam at times but she is friendly, happy and confident little bunny who loves her best friend Buddy to bits!

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 Gabrielle  Gabrielle  Gabrielle  Gabrielle  Gabrielle  Gabrielle  Gabrielle  Gabrielle  Gabrielle 

Gabby is a friendly little girl who enjoys being the female boss of the Fat Fluffs group - until not that long ago she was the only girl in the group but has welcomed Ariel into the gang and obviously enjoys having a fellow girlie she can spend time with. Gabby came to us with one eye already having suffered trauma and ended up having to have it removed; although the loss of the eye doesn't bother her it has sparked an ongoing fight with pasturella which she has never quite been able to get on top of. She goes through stages where she is fit and well and then goes downhill. A course of antibiotics soon sees her right again but they are meds she will need to be on for the rest of her life. She loves her time out in the garden and enjoys doing mad dashes up the entire length, she is always the last one in at dinner time and it's a very rare occasion she will not give us the run around even though she knows if she's not quick the boys will eat her share of the dinner too!  



Coppit  Coppit  Coppit  Coppit  Coppit  Coppit  Coppit  Coppit  Coppit  Coppit  Coppit  Coppit 

Coppit is one half of the terrible two gang! He and Rupert are thick as thieves and if there is trouble being caused you can guarantee it's one of those two boys! Coppit has quite a defined heart murmur and a mild case of ongoing snuffles. Whilst the heart murmur doesn't cause him any apparent problems the vet has advised us that it may cut his life expectancy short but, in the mean time, he is definitely living it up while he can. He intermittently has antibiotics for his snuffles when symptoms show, which he hates and causes all sorts of fuss over, but otherwise he is a happy little boy who will always come over and say hello, cause trouble when he can and when life is just a bit too hectic will chill out in the shade a catch a couple of zzzzzz's.



Ariel  Ariel  Ariel  Ariel  Ariel  Ariel  Ariel  Ariel  Ariel  Ariel  Ariel  Ariel  Ariel  Ariel  Ariel  Ariel  Ariel

Ariel is our tinky tiny little girl with a big personality! Ariel came to us at Fat Fluffs because of her ongoing pasturella issue; she has a particularly bad case of snuffles and for a long time various medications had little or no effect on her but we have now found one that helps and fortunately she doesn't mind it too much! Ariel is a cheeky little bun who will always come up to you to find out what you're doing or whether you might have a piece of banana ... her favourite treat - if you happen to disappoint she soon flicks her feet out at you and flies off down the garden doing mad binkies. She loves the other buns and when she first arrived with us and saw how big the garden was she hid alongside Rupert to ensure she didn't get lost.

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Rupert  Rupert  Rupert  Rupert  Rupert  Rupert  Rupert  Rupert  Rupert  Rupert  Rupert  Rupert

Rupert is our walking ball of fur who causes all sorts of trouble! All of us at Fat Fluffs have holes in our clothes where he has chewed them and not many of us can put our hands up to not having been bitten by this grumpy bunny who we all love to bits! Rupert was handed in in a right state and we had to pretty much remove all his fur to make him comfortable. He has also developed an inoperable jaw abscess that we have to routinely drain and flush and he is on antibiotics for the rest of his life. He is an angora cross bunny and constantly picks up whatever loose foliage is around and seems to get it entangled in his fur and he loves nothing better than to sit in the middle of the garden during a downpour and then he really does look bedraggled before one of us has to towel him dry.... poor towel!

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Bert  Bert  Bert  Bert  Bert  Bert  Bert  Bert  Bert  Bert  Bert  Bert  Bert  Bert  Bert  Bert  Bert  Bert  Bert

Bert was dumped at Fat Fluffs Hq one early morning with no note or info - all we know about him is that he is an absolute monkey, has two holes in his nose and when he arrived he was absolutely crawling with fleas! The fleas were relatively easy to treat even though we itched like crazy afterwards just thinking about them - His nose, we suspect, may have been bitten by a rodent but we can only speculate. He saw two vets who were undecided on the best way to deal with his condition and in the end we decided not to graft but to allow the holes to heal open and to take each day as it comes. So far he has had no untoward problems and our biggest fear, that he would develop infections in his nasal cavity, as yet, despite his best attempts to bury himself in piles of dirt, roll around, dig and sniff, remain unfounded as he is fit and well (although he does sound like a tractor at times) and is very much part of the Fat Fluffs group.

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It costs just £24 a year to sponsor one of our bunnies or £2 a month (£4 or £5 a month if you choose to sponsor more) and all sponsor money for these buns will go directly towards their vet bills, vaccinations, past and potentially future operations.

If you would like to support any of these bunnies then please email sponsor@fatfluffs.com and we will get your sponsorship organised with you.

Payment can be made online (via a bank transfer), by cheque in the post or by standing order. Further details will be sent to you by e-mail once you have contacted us.

Any correspondance in the post should please be addressed to:

Sponsor A Bun, Fat Fluffs Rabbit Rescue, 26 Diddington Lane, Hampton in Arden, West Mids, B92 0BZ

If you have any questions or would like to find out more about supporting oany of our buns, either for yourself or as a present for a friend, please drop us an email at sponsor@fatfluffs.com and we will send you more info.

Every penny makes a difference and makes the vet bills for these gorgeous buns that little bit easier on the rescue.

Thank you!

Telephone: 07737 218035. E-mail: team@fatfluffs.com