Thank you!

Massive thank you to everyone who attended and supported our gala - we had a fantastic time and raised a massive £850 for the bunnies. As you know our vet bills are always mounting so this will go towards them which in turn means that our bunnies get the treatment and ops that they need so they can go on to loving new homes.

Additional special thanks goes to Julian for organising the event and making it such a success. Julian has now stepped down as our Events co-ordinator due to new family commitments and, whilst we will miss him, we really appreciate all he has done for us and wish him and his family all the best for the future.

28 Apr 2016

Fat Fluffs' Gala Dinner Invite

There is also a vegetarian option : Hearty vegetable and mixed bean Wellington, complemented by a fresh tomato and thyme sauce. Just write 'vegetarian' by the main course option on your return slip.

29 Oct 2015

We won - our bunnies are safe!!

After a nerve wracking hour of debate Solihull Council came to vote and recommended approval with conditions. The bunnies are safe, they're staying and we can carry on taking care of them without fear!

Thank you so much to everyone who supported us, prayed for us, loved us and helped us through this. We genuinely could not have done this without you!!x

Thank you!!x



12 Mar 2015

Please sign our petition!

Dianne has set up a petition to Solihull Council asking them not to close Fat Fluffs. Please could you sign and ask your bunny mad friends to as well?


07 Mar 2015

Tough Times

It is an incredibly tough time for us all here at Fat Fluffs and I am copying and pasting a facebook post from my husband Andy, that summarises it for us so you can share what we are dealing with.

"The planners are trying to shut Chloe's rabbit rescue down as they deem it more than a hobby. 
There are no given guidelines for what constitutes 'more than a hobby.'

This allows them to demand a planning application for "mixed use" at my home which then requires us to ask for retrospective permission for the sheds that we've built. 
They are currently recommending a refusal.

The application goes before the planning committee on Wednesday and if refused enforcement action will soon follow - forcing Chloe's Fat Fluffs Rabbit Rescue to close.

You can show your support for Chloe and the rescue in one of three ways:

1. click this link and make a comment at the bottom showing your support and saying why you think the rescue should be allowed to stay open at our house:…/ViewAppDetail.asp…

2. Write a short email to anyone you think may be able to help - your MP, local councillor, local newspaper & TV telling them what's happening.

3. Please Like, Share and Tag and help spread the word that something you care about is about to be forced to close.

And if you're still keen to do more bring all your friends to where the meeting is happening and show your support for Fat Fluffs.

- The deciding meeting will commence at 4.30pm at the Civic Suite in Solihull council house here:… 
(for those local to the area it's apparently across the grass by the entrance to Touchwood car park.)

Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers during this very difficult time"

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06 Mar 2015

Bonding Update

Its been a busy week in bonding, we have had 3 bonds in.

They have all gone well so far especially for little Mayson and his new wife Snowball. Mayson is one of our Rex babies brought in a few months ago.

Mayson and his new wife went home yesterday and his mum has been posting pictures on our Facebook wall - he definately already has his paws under the table! He will be one lucky and very spoilt bun!


We have also had two trios in- trios are always a bit more tricky to bond!

One trio has already gone home where they have continued to behave but also cause a little bit of trouble. Mum is keeping a close eye on them and carrying on what we started. A few phone calls of support and we have every confidence that it will succeed! Paws crossed!

The last trio are going home on Monday. Little Star lost her husbun and hasn’t been overly keen on sharing her life with her mums other bundles of fluff. If Star decided a trio isn't for her she will be looking for a new husbun to snuggle up to.

25 Jan 2015

Hutch Bunny!


21 Jan 2015

Emma becomes ....

The Hutch Bunny!!




From the 20th to the 22nd of March 2015, Emma will be spending 48 hours in a typical 'hutch' at The Stocks Vets in Upton-upon-Severn to raise awareness of the conditions many rabbits live in and to raise as much money as she can for Fat Fluffs and Windwhistle Warren Rabbit Rescues. She will be cold, lonely, hungry and miserable - so any sponsorship or visits would be much appreciated!

Sponsorship for this event can be made at or sent to via PayPal. Every little helps!

Also follow her Twitter account for this event - @TheHutchBunny :)

07 Jan 2015

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!!


We would like to wish everyone and everybun a very Happy New Year! We've had an amazing 2014 at Fat Fluffs with some beautiful buns coming and going alongside some very sad times with some very special buns going to Rainbow Bridge but we are excited about 2015. Being in our new home and seeing the buns new homes coming together is very rewarding and evidence of all the hard work and support so many people have put into Fat Fluffs.

Thank you to everyone who has been alongside us this last year and we look forward to everything 2015 has to bring.

Love from all the Fluffy two and four foots.xx

01 Jan 2015

Three weeks in ....

And the ground has been cleared and now the underside is on the top as the drainage guys do their thing to get water to and from the other end of the garden. We've been blessed with weather that hasn't been too bad so we have been able to crack on and all the workmen of various trades have been beyond helpful and we really appreciate all the expertise they had put into this project so far. A big date for us is going to be the 1st December when the bunny buildings are being delivered. If you have just a couple of hours spare we would really appreciate your help moving the delivery from the front to the back of the house - it's going to be a big job but many hands make light work!

Thank you!!

13 Nov 2014

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