Maggoty Jim's Story

Jim arrived at the rescue after being taken in by our local veterinary practice. Jim had been attacked by a fox when he was out in his garden and while his owners thought he had escaped any real harm they were sadly wrong. After returning home from a short break they found a very sick Jim. He was taken to the vets and on further inspection they found a very large open wound on his ear which had got infected and was now full of maggots. This is how poor Jim got his name ‘Maggoty Jim’. His owners admitted they would not be prepared to deal with the difficult recovery process, therefore a rescue space was required. The team at Vets4Pets got in touch and we agreed to take on Jim once his infection was under control. Jim is on antibiotics and pain medication as well as twice daily cleaning of the ear. Slowly we have started to see an improvement and a reduction in the swelling. Jim will also have a funny looking ear but this will give him extra character.

Despite having such a bad time Jim is such a lovely rabbit. He is a real sweetheart, he loves being around people (as long as you're not cleaning his ear), he loves nose rubs and especially loves dandelions, everything is much better with dandelions. Jim is an active rabbit, he loves running in and out through the cat flap and jumping up onto the different shelves in his pen. Jim will make a wonderful addition to any family and would love to have another rabbit friend for company.

Jim will be looking for a new home soon, once he has fully recovered from his ear infection. Jim has been a lot of work for our care team and we have grown very fond of him. He is a very spoilt bun who has had lots of TLC after his ordeal. We would all love to see Jim find his forever home where he can continue to be spoilt rotten. Jim will be put on our rehoming website when he is available.


27 Sep 2019

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