Bounty's Story

Bounty came to fat fluffs with 3 other rabbits, known as the chocolate buns. All of the rabbits were overweight and the 2 females had not been neutered. After losing sufficient weight, Bounty went in to be spayed.

During her operation the vet found tumours and abscesses within and around her uterus. These had started to spread and unfortunately had affected her guts. This had turned into a massive ordeal for Bounty and on coming back to the rescue we could clearly see the effects these tumors had had on her body.

Bounty continued to lose weight, no matter how much food she consumed, and had very loose stools due to the masses starting to stick to her guts. Sadly Bounty passed away.

We are incredibly upset that Bounty did not get a chance to live a happy, long and fulfilled life in a new home. This is because her previous owner did not neuter her when she was young. The other female, Twix, also had masses within her uterus but thankfully there was no spread and these were removed. This is becoming a frequent occurrence.

Uterine cancer is the most common type of cancer in rabbits (females) and occurs in 60% of rabbits over 3 years of age. All intact females are at risk and certain breeds are more at risk. Please neuter your rabbits to avoid this happening to more beautiful buns like Bounty.

Bounty was a very special bun, she had a big heart and loved to greet everyone as they walked into the rescue. She loved bounding around the garden and her giant presence will be missed


25 Sep 2019

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