Tough Times

It is an incredibly tough time for us all here at Fat Fluffs and I am copying and pasting a facebook post from my husband Andy, that summarises it for us so you can share what we are dealing with.

"The planners are trying to shut Chloe's rabbit rescue down as they deem it more than a hobby. 
There are no given guidelines for what constitutes 'more than a hobby.'

This allows them to demand a planning application for "mixed use" at my home which then requires us to ask for retrospective permission for the sheds that we've built. 
They are currently recommending a refusal.

The application goes before the planning committee on Wednesday and if refused enforcement action will soon follow - forcing Chloe's Fat Fluffs Rabbit Rescue to close.

You can show your support for Chloe and the rescue in one of three ways:

1. click this link and make a comment at the bottom showing your support and saying why you think the rescue should be allowed to stay open at our house:…/ViewAppDetail.asp…

2. Write a short email to anyone you think may be able to help - your MP, local councillor, local newspaper & TV telling them what's happening.

3. Please Like, Share and Tag and help spread the word that something you care about is about to be forced to close.

And if you're still keen to do more bring all your friends to where the meeting is happening and show your support for Fat Fluffs.

- The deciding meeting will commence at 4.30pm at the Civic Suite in Solihull council house here:… 
(for those local to the area it's apparently across the grass by the entrance to Touchwood car park.)

Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers during this very difficult time"

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06 Mar 2015

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