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Adopted by Hannah, April 2011


My boyfriend and I were informed about Fat Fluffs by Hayley at Bunny Haven who has the dubious task of looking after our bunny whenever we go on holiday. We have owned Starbuck, a female lop, for about a year. She has lots of energy and can be a bit of a madam!

We passed our home check in March and a few weeks later Starbuck and I took the trip to Fat Fluffs. Jo pointed out a handsome black and white male bunny called Flash and I left Starbuck in Jo’s capable hands to begin the bonding. After a couple of days Jo called to say all was well and we could collect Starbuck and Flash (now called Baltar – one for the sci-fi geeks).

All seemed to be fine until we hit a blip. Nearly three weeks after they came home we woke up to a racket coming from the indoor hutch; we ran in to find Starbuck and Baltar chasing each other round, fur flying. I was heartbroken as we had both fallen for this little bunny but thought they would never be friends again. Jo talked us through putting them back together and reassured us that it wasn’t the end of the world! A couple of car rides later and I’m happy to report they have been loved up ever since!

Baltar is not yet as adventurous as Starbuck is but he’s getting there; he will nudge your feet with his nose or jump up on the sofa if he’s feeling brave. Starbuck has become much easier to handle and is definitely a more content and calm bunny.

Massive thanks to Fat Fluffs for all your help and support!!

Telephone: 07737 218035. E-mail: