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Adopted by Heather, March 2008


In March 08 I decided Buster needed a wife, I surfed the internet and came across Fat Fluffs and Sasha. I travelled 121 miles with Buster to meet her, they bonded well and I returned home with two happy buns.

A month later I found Sasha with a cloudy eye, a trip to the vets confirmed she had gone blind, unusual for a rabbit. She was also underweight by 0.5kg which was a concern but we agreed as she appeared happy we would monitor her.

Time went by and I noticed her blind eye began to weep … back to the vets. This time it was an ulcer and more treatment was needed. A blood test was taken for Encephalitazan Cunculi which is a parasite picked up from urine and if positive could cause blindness and a very long & painful death if not treated. She was positive which explained the blindness!! As it can be passed on, both Buster & Sasha went on a 28 day course of special medication.
More time passed and her weight increased to 2kg & Buster sat on her blind side protecting her from any danger and life continued.

In Jan 09 I found Sasha’s good eye had gone cloudy. The vet confirmed Glaucoma and again blindness, saying that it would be best to have put her down. She had been through so much and did not appear unhappy for her blindness, now in both eyes, so I went against the vet’s decision and brought her home. Gradually, with Buster by her side, she has adapted and continues to be a happy bun.

We will continue to have problems with her eyes but as her Bunny Mummy I won’t give up on her she is such a loveable bun and she deserves the chance of life after coming so far; don’t you agree?

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