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Adopted by Emma, April 2010


What can I say, it all happened fairly quickly. One minute I was trying to persuade my partner to let me have a house rabbit (at his house I hasten to add) and the next I had brought her. The pet shop (I know, I know but I didn’t realise that you could adopt a rabbit....cats and dogs yes but not anything smaller) were very good and answered all my questions on how to care for this cute, white, fluffy ball. It was totally alien territory for me so I purchased a book to read up on how best to care for my new pet. I now realise some people simply don’t care and certainly don’t bother. Within days Suga (white as sugar and as sweet as sugar) had a wet nose which progressed to heavy sneezing. This got so bad that she was actually falling over. Concerned I took her to the vet........numerous eye drops, medication and investigations later and being £250 lighter we emerged with a much happier rabbit. The vet said she would have felt like she had had flu which surprised me because she had been such a springy little thing. This new lease of life meant that she would now scale the settee and run like a squirrel along the top. Although the situation cost us an awful lot of money I’m glad that we had chosen her because if she had been an outdoor bunny or worse got lumped with an uncaring owner this condition could have got alot worse.

It was in my quest for further information about rabbits and their common ailments that I came across Fat Fluffs. I was amazed that such a rescue existed, had I have known I would definatly have adopted a rabbit, especially as it would have been cheaper being as the buns are all neutered. Through reading my books and various articles on Fat Fluffs website I realised that rabbits need a little play mate. At this point Suga didn’t seem herself, she wouldn’t leave her room (dining room) and come into the living room with us. I persuaded my boyfriend that she was lonely and although he agreed he did not want another rabbit in the house as she had bitten the wooden flooring and chewed through his Xbox headset! After much moaning on my part he eventually agreed we could have another but they would have to go outside. Yay. I then started scouring FF website for a suitable partner for Suga. I went to visit Sophie and I fell in love with Watson. Suga is a bit of a madam, used to getting her own way and being fussed constantly due to her being ill so I knew I needed a placid bun. Sophie said Watson was probably the guy for Suga as he was sooo laid back and placid. The day arrived and they were placed together in Sophie's kitchen. I waited for a fight and I was amazed to see this stroppy dominant madam fall in love with Watson. She hopped straight up to him, licked his face constantly and humped him constantly. She got that carried away with the humping that she weed on his head!!! Sophie said she must have been really lonely to have taken to a new partner so easily, so within the hour I was off on my journey home. At home in between the humping, even though it was really hot, Watson (now called Sam) and Suga would lie side by side and constantly groom each other. It was obvious this was love at first sight.

Now nearly a year on they still do everything together. Suga is a very confident and demanding bunny whereas Sam is a very placid and careful bun. Suga bounds off around the garden without a care in the world whereas Sam will look and listen first before losing himself to the freedom. Where you find Sam you will find Suga and vice versa. I think that Sam gains confidence from Suga and Suga gets the fuss and attention she craves from Sam. A fab couple who are still very much loved up. A big thank you to all at FF for their help and advice, I have learnt so much about bunnies!!!!!!!! Special thanks to Abi, Sophie and Chloe who have helped and advised me so much over the last year :) I’m so pleased that FF had just the bunny for Madam Suga lol:)

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