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Adopted by Rebecca, Karon & Gerald, February 2011


We owned Alistair for almost 12months before Steffani was adopted. He was found and rescued one wet, windy night by myself. After a few months, we decided Alistair needed a friend (other than our 17year old cat - who was not too keen on having a rabbit partner!), so we contacted Fat Fluffs.

We took to Steffani right from the start...she looked like a squirrel! Fat Fluffs started the bonding for a couple of days, before we bought them home. Because of the cold weather, they have both been house rabbits, totally house trained. Steffani settled in to her new residence very quickly, and was soon investigating upstairs at every opportunity! Now the weather is better, they sleep in a hutch together outside, and always cuddle up at night.

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