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Adopted by Gayle & Steve, August 2010


We can't believe how quickly Oreo has settled in and he and Delphi have bonded so well that it's like they've been together forever.

He is a cheeky, friendly young rabbit and is keeping Delphi on her toes - it's like she's had a new lease of life and at five years plus we are amazed how frisky she can be, although not sure how much of it is down to making sure she doesn't miss out on treats!!!

They entertain us no end as we sit and watch them mooch about and select just the right strand of hay from the hay rack, or snuggle up together in the sun. Delphi often shoves her head under Oreo's chin and, if he's in the mood, she is rewarded with a quick wash.

Bedtime at first was quite challenging. Delphi is used to the routine and is quite happy to go into the hutch knowing there's a little treat waiting for her, but Oreo had absolutely no idea what it was all about and gave us the run about for the first few nights. And then Delphi did something that totally amazed us. She was losing her patience having to wait for her nightly treat, while we rounded up this rabbit who was racing around the pen like a mad March hare, so she took matters into her own paws -hopped out and nudged Oreo's rear end all the way into the hutch. Job done!!

So thank you all for the invaluable advice, help and support you gave to us following the death of Delphi's sister Binny and the subsequent successful bonding of Delphi and Oreo. We are delighted to report that once again we have two very happy, healthy bunnies in our life.

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