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Sleepy & Bashful

Adopted by Darren & family, Oct 2009

Sleepy & Bashful

Following the death of our beloved Smokey (age 6) we decided that we would like to give 2 rabbits a new home.

On searching the internet we discovered "Fat Fluffs" and immediately we all fell in love with Sneezy and Bashful. After discussing the right housing, feeding and care for the pair, we went and collected them from Chloe.

They both have lovely characters with very different personalities. Sneezy seems to be the more dominant out of the two with Bashful being more interested in seeing how much of the garden flower selection he can munch in as little time as possible!!

They are gradually becoming more used to us and in fact for the first time this weekend we had a gorgeous moment when Sneezy lay down and allowed my youngest son to lie down next to him in the garden. My eldest son does an excellent job of letting them out of the cage every morning and taking them their morning snack!

Getting a photo of them has proved the most difficult thing about Sneezy and Bashful - so the photos sent are one of Bashful showing off his markings (he is far too Bashful to show his front!), Sneezy having a morning wash whilst hiding amongst the plants in the garden and a very rare photo of the two of them staying still long enough to let me grab a photo!

Thank you to all at Fat Fluffs for your continued advice and also for allowing to have these very special characters into our family.

(Nose rubs to all at Fat Fluffs and to our brothers, sisters, mum and dad - love Sneezy and Bashful)

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