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Adopted by Veronica, March 2010


I thought I would give you an up date on Ernie's progress, as you're not getting him back! We love him toooooooo much. He is still very shy compared to Honey, but is used to me being with him everyday so I can walk right past him without him worrying. Still watches my hubbie like a hawk.

He is normally relaxing under his bush, watching honey eating grass. He only goes in his hutch if something scares him in the garden (like a magpie) then he will jump in it and thump. Normally he comes bombing into the house and thumps at me to go scare it off. Men eh?

We have taken him to the vets for all his inoculations and once for a wheezy sneeze which cured up within the week. He has been to RSPCA day for MOT and chipping. They told me he was the cutest bunny they had all day. TRUE TRUE he is the George Clooney of the bunny world to us.

He is not very into Honey and would rather be in the house with me than her in the garden, I thought he might be gay but my friend assures me he he just metro sexual. He won't share his do-nut bed for anything. He loves to sprawl out in it and put his head on the edge. SO CUTE.

He has a very healthy appetite, and we have to watch he gets enough greens grass & hay we even bring grass and dandelions into the house for him if it's raining.....spoilt bunny. He is a good healthly weight and very good when having nails cut by me.

The photo of Ernie is him in his favourite spot, chillaxing!!!!

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