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Latte & Barnaby

Adopted by Joanne & Ian, March 2010

Latte & Barnaby

The buns have settled in really well and are getting on great with each other.
Barnaby is into everything and is a very confident bunny whereas Latte is quite shy and certainly lets you know when she wants to be left alone (unlike Barnaby who just loves the attention).

Yesterday they spent all day in the run - playing, nibbling grass and lazing in the sunshine (nice work if you can get it).

They very often cuddle up together. When we had them in the house Barnaby even cuddled up to Alisha (our 4 year old) sprawled out, legs in the air with her tickling his tummy. When she got up and moved he followed, plonked himself in front of her ready to continue the fuss.

The only difficulty is making sure Latte has her fair share at mealtime, Barnaby certainly likes his grub.

We'll keep you posted.

Ian, Jo, Lauren, Alisha, Barnaby & Latte.

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