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Indianna & Naomi

Adopted by Tracey, December 2009

Indianna & Naomi

Thank you so much for introducing me to Indie and Naomi. I feel very lucky.

We have all settled in well together - they are eating lots of hay (sometimes munching from different ends of the same strand which is very cute). Then one of them runs away with the favourite piece of broccoli or kale and the other chasing close behind.

Over the last two months they have definitely become less nervous.
Naomi is more tame, she loves eating out of my hand. Indie is not quite sure but has just started eating out of my hand this week, he is a bit of a thumper.
Indie does the most incredible binkies I have ever seen, I'll try and catch him on film. Once they did a synchronised mid air turn! We have been known to stop watching a DVD because these bunnies are so entertaining! It's is lovely getting to know their individual personalities and to see them chilling out as well as exploring together.

I can watch them forever; delicately exploring in on and over a new object, the next minute sprinting in circles & then up & down the stairs a few times and then round in circles again. One of the circuits they have discovered includes some hurdles - and all at top speed. It’s very impressive.
Every morning they wash each other, every night they chase each other (sometimes up and down a bookcase).

They know which rooms they are not allowed in and sit waiting to hop in when I'm not looking.

This pair are going to love exploring the garden this summer.
They are truly magical, quite mischievous and very very entertaining.

Thanks so much again,

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