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Adopted by Hannah & Pete, August 2009


Hi to all my friends at Fat Fluffs,

Wow it’s been a really busy 6 months, sorry I haven’t been in touch sooner.
I was adopted by Hannah and Pete back in August 2009. They saw me on the internet and came to visit me at my foster home in Coventry, it was love at first sight so they came back to collect me and welcomed me into their inner city flat, I am now known as the flat rabbit!

I love living here, I have my own room, where I have a cage that has my litter tray in and a constant yummy supply of tasty hay and vegetables, carrots are my favourite.
When my owners are at home they bring me over the laminate hall flooring into the living room. I enjoy spending time in the living room, where I can chill out under the table and if I’m feeling energetic I run really fast around the room, hopping and jumping.

I don’t have any rabbit pals here, but in my previous home I didn’t really get on with other rabbits and actually I quite enjoy my own company.

Its not all been plain sailing though, in October I had to visit the vets a couple of times, I went off my food, as a result my gut slowed down which put me off my food even more and that resulted in me having to have an operation where my teeth were filed down. I got well quickly and have been fighting fit since.

Hannah and Pete love showing me off to their friends and family when they visit, everyone loves my soft velvet fur and think I am gorgeous, naturally!

Lots of love from a very happy bunny
Honey (aka Sparkle)

P.S Hannah and Pete say a big thank you to everyone at Fat Fluffs for letting them adopt me.

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