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Sandy & Kip

Adopted by Angela & Chris, December 2009

Sandy & Kip

I just wanted to give you an update on Sandy and Kip since they came to live with us just before Christmas 2009.

When they first arrived Sandy and Kip seemed to be very nervous of their new surroundings and their new Mum and Dad but it didn't take them long to start to feel a bit more settled and they were soon binkying around the lounge. Kip is the bravest and was the first to jump onto to the sofas with us and venture up the stairs, however, Sandy is definitely the boss demanding to be cleaned by Kip all the time and even stealing food right out of her mouth. It has been lovely having them join our family and seeing their personalities develop as they become more settled and comfortable with us, especially watching Kip lick everything we own. We are still working on picking them up as they don't seem to like being handled but if we are lucky they will come and sit on our laps and let us have a stroke and a nose rub, I think they just like to remind us who the boss is!
Thanks Fat Fluffs for letting us adopt Sandy and Kip.

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