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Adopted by Caroline & Tim, January 2009


Sidney has been our bunny for 5 years, he lives outside in a hutch. We bought him from a pet shop. We purchased a second bunny from the same shop with the intention of them living together, however Emily fell sick before she had been spayed. Due to the illness they lived in separate hutches but played together in the open space of the garden. We lost Emily after 4 and half years. Not long after this Sidney’s attitude changed and he seemed depressed and lonely.

We thought he may be too old to accept another playmate so we started looking on internet for help and advice, and through Rabbit Re-home we found Fat Fluffs. After a quick phone call our minds were put at rest and they said they have a girl bunny that may suit him as they were of similar age. We had Fizz with us for a few weeks but it turned out their characters did not match. Fat Fluffs were more than happy to take the pair and to try and bond them further but this proved very difficult. So they matched Sidney with Bracken who is a much younger rabbit and they have been in love ever since. Both the Fat Fluffs bunnies were very loveable and used to being handled this made it very easy to settle our new girl, Bracken into her new home. Bracken is a nosy but very affectionate girl always trying to follow us into the house. She and Sidney run around the garden together and jump over each other although Sidney does tire out quickly trying to keep up with the younger girl.

Fat Fluffs have been very good to work with and always ready to offer help and advice when needed.

Telephone: 07737 218035. E-mail: