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Adopted by Debbie, May 2009


Testosterone kicked in at 12 months big time for Gizmo, a particularly intelligent as well as affectionate bunny (the grey one!) Having enjoyed my face and arms being licked, I was rather alarmed when he became more amorous, equally, he became more frustrated, namely taking it out on my carpet! After much discussion with Fat Fluffs, (it took some convincing for me to put Gizmo through surgery), and although he had a rough time post-op, I'm glad he was neutered.

It took quite a while for him to calm down; even the smell of female rabbit, was enough to drive him wild, which he expressed by trying to hump the leg of the Fat Fluff's representative carrying out my pre-adoption home visit. The much anticipated date arrived, his reputation having reached Coventry prompted hardened Bunny Bonder Michelle to call for back up in the form of Chloe.

He made me proud; introducing himself to his new girlfriend with a nose nudge, before the inevitable! The following morning, I had a text message which read “You have two loved up Buns!” you can take them home today. Apparently a bunny bonding personal record for Michelle, with the bonus of no aggression on either side whatsoever. Just for good measure, Gizmo showed Blaze and Michelle his best table manners, by refusing to eat food off the floor and insisted it was served in a suitable bowl!

Still in the honeymoon period; Blaze is enjoying her new found freedom (full run of the garden,)
which she utilises to sprint round, especially when we are trying to get her back in the hutch. Meanwhile Gizmo is chilled out with less appetite for carpet, realising he gets extra treats by helping persuade Blaze to return to the hutch (he now sits up and begs like a dog for them!) but still shows his affection with lovely kisses for his Mom!

I spread the word whenever I can to anyone who has a bunny, “You and your Bun are missing out on soooo much, they need bunny love!”

Thank you so much to Fat Fluffs, especially Michelle, it's great work that you do.

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