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Mylo and Bela

Adopted march 2020 by Alex and Dan

Mylo and Bela

Both bunnies are settling in great! They seem to really like their new home and are slowly getting used to having a bigger area to run around in (they’re in one room for now until they get used to it and can run around the rest of the house).

It’s been lovely to see so many dead bunny flops so early on which really surprised us and that’s been joined with binkies now (which is the sweetest thing I’ve ever seen). Mylo has been affectionate from the offset but it’s been really nice to see Bela settle in and she now seeks out a good fuss too.

The only thing to crop up so far has been that mylo has a tendency to try to eat all of bela’s food (as well as his own) before she has a chance. Otherwise they’ve been good as gold - lovely personalities which are really starting to come through.

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