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Adopted by Roger & Jo, January 2008


We never thought about having a pet rabbit before, until one of our friends told us about one she had found abandoned. Her and her husband did not feel they could look after him and were asking around to see if anyone wanted to take him in. After talking my husband round, we decided to give him a home and call him Archie.

As we did not know anything about bunnies, we researched what to feed him, how to take care of him etc. The one thing we kept reading was that rabbits like to live with a partner so we decided to get a female rabbit too.

We knew straight away we wanted to give a good home to another rescue rabbit and after looking at the rabbit re-home website we got in touch with Chloe at Fat Fluffs. We went to see her and talked about our situation, telling her about Archie. She offered us Ivy who we were delighted with.

After a few days of Archie and Ivy being together, they bonded really well. Now they are never far away from each other and watching them play together is wonderful.

We are really grateful to Chloe for Ivy. It is obvious she really cares for her rabbits, treats them well and knows a great deal about them. She was also happy to offer us advice and give us reassurance during the first few weeks of Archie and Ivy being together.

I would give my recommendation to anyone looking for a rabbit to get a rescue one and definitely recommend Fat Fluffs too.

Telephone: 07737 218035. E-mail: