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Honey and Liquorice

Adopted October 2015

Honey and Liquorice

I started volunteering at Fat Fluffs last summer and I'd been there for a few months when I met Liquorice. I was just amazed at how friendly he was: a real people-rabbit! He'd always come to the front of his pen to see what was going on, and every time I went in to clean, he'd run around my feet and paw at me until I gave him some fuss. Thereafter, I'd always pop in and visit him for our weekly cuddle session whenever I was at the rescue. It was after a few weeks that I began seriously thinking about adopting him: this little bunny had really stolen my heart!

Me and my husband subsequently started to build a Wendy house, with a run attached, in our back garden. Special thanks to Jackie for her advice regarding the bunnies' accommodation (and everything else!). After we'd passed our home check and had officially reserved Liquorice (phew – I'd been concerned beforehand that he'd be snapped up by another adopter!), we started to think about who might make a good companion for him. We'd put together a bit of a short-list when Adam recommended new-arrival Honey as a potential match: I'm so glad he did! I'm pretty sure Honey and Liquorice absolutely adore each other: they're often snuggled up together in their bed when I deliver their brekkie in the morning and they always follow each other around and groom each other.

Honey was a little standoffish with me at first but he's definitely become more outgoing: I think being paired with such a people-loving rabbit as Liquorice has brought him out of his shell. He's really quite sprightly for a nine year old bunny too! While he's still not quite as keen on fuss as Liquorice, he will happily sit for a nose/ear rub (especially if there's some watercress going) and has a good ol' binky around our garage. I should mention that our disused garage is the buns' second home, as, when it's wet outside, I generally don't allow them in their run as Honey tends to sit in the wet and ends up with nappy rash. Our garage provides them with more space to binky than the Wendy house alone.

Liquorice is still a big fan of cuddles. He'll sit on my lap for as long as I'll let him while he bunny-purrs. He's quite a kissy rabbit too: he gives me plenty of licks during fuss-time. He's also very greedy: we've started to bring him into the lounge to watch Coronation Street with us while Honey gets an extra bowl of pellets!

Thanks so much Fat Fluffs for all of your help and support throughout the adoption process and thereafter. Thanks to Jackie, Ev and Adam for letting me periodically pick your brains about what

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