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Adopted by Len Gibson & Family 27/11/10


Following the loss of our much loved bunny Coco, in April 2010, our other bunny Fudge was suddenly living in his hutch all by himself, the thought of Fudge being on his own saddened us, and although we gave him endless cuddles, ultimately we knew Fudge needed some bunny to love, and as a family we decided we would like to re home a rescue rabbit and that’s when we came across Fat fluffs.

In Nov 2010 we saw Nibbles and fell in love with her and after being paired with Fudge, it was obvious they adored each other too.

3 years on Nibbles & Fudge are practically inseparable and are very protective of each other, and can often be found sprawled out side by side, grooming each other, and when not doing this they are dashing around chasing each other and exploring the garden, especially granddads patch, which is a popular favourite of theirs!!!

A big thank you to Fatfluffs for helping us with the bonding process and for finding the perfect bunny for Fudge!!!

Adopted Nibbles by Len Gibson & Family 27/11/10

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