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Adopted by Michelle, June 2008


I had re-homed an unwanted bun via a free ads site as it was advertised as free to good home. The current owner didn't want small rabbits anymore, just giants so they could breed them. Unwanted for simply being too small. Now that I had taken on a new bunny he most certainly needed a friend. I often use a rabbit forum so I asked on there if anybody had any advice on bonding my new rabbit with my existing pair and adding another to make a group of four.

Chloe was a massive help and even said she would bond for me. I had originally said any bun will be be fine as they all need a home after all but I took one look at Sally, a gorgeous bunny on the Fat Fluffs website, and HAD to have her - she was simply beautiful. So the process had begun and once their home was ready I loaded my bunnies up in the car for a speed date at Chloe's.

I fell in love with Sally straight away. (I did however also fall for her just as pretty sister but I knew my limits and she was already reserved). I left my bunnies with Chloe and Vickie (Sally's foster mommy) and set off home. I felt quite sick with all the worry but they were in more than capable hands. I was updated throughout the time they were there which I was very thankful for, it kept me sane.

The day came to fetch my new group of four and welcome Sally in to our family and I am so happy to be her mommy. She is such a sweet little soul and the most beautiful bunny ever (sorry to my others!). The group bond broke when my two males had a scrap but I now have two happy pairs and the main thing is they are all happy; the huge binkies I witness prove that!

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Chloe, Vickie and the rest of the Fat Fluffs team. On behalf of me, my bunnies and all the bunnies that you've all helped along the way. Sally will always be a Fat Fluff!!!

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