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Triumph & Ariel

Adopted by Michelle, September 2011

Triumph & Ariel

Triumph and Ariel have settled in really well and grown so much and are continuously happy little buns. Triumph has even grown an amazing winter coat. They look very different to each other now Ariel is becoming a beautiful rex, tall, soft and beautiful.

Triumph is still the most confident, inquisitive and into everything. He also wants to lick his new owners all the time and takes great delight in destroying cardboard boxes and anything else in his path. He also insists that his outside pop up hideaway should be on its side and won’t have it any other way.

Ariel is the quieter one, she acknowledges us with a nose prod and will accept fuss on her terms but is a really sweet rabbit particularly if her loony brother isn’t around.

Both love the ability to binky in and out of their shed and love their shelf in the shed particularly seeing out of the window.

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