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Adopted by Natasha, February 2009


I adopted Marmite aka Roxy 5 weeks ago as a mate for my male rabbit Rex who I have had for over a year, he is one of the cutest buns I have ever had with his cute soft Rex fur and loving and cheeky nature, I would get home from work and he would be sitting by the door waiting for me so felt it time to pair him up! Couple of weeks of searching the net for Rex rabbits and a castration later I go to collect Marmite on a 4 hour drive from Sunderland. I loved her straight away she was so timid but cuddly - complete opposite of Rex who literally skids all over the house he gets so excited and is too hyper to sit still enough for a cuddle, and is extremely confident!

I did not want to put them straight together as Rex was still recovering from his castration and she was so nervous so I took 2 weeks letting her get used to me and her new home, Rex could scent her straight away and would run to the spare room door every time he got a chance. The bonding was a lot more stressful than I imagined - Rex just darted at her which scared the living day lights out of her! What felt like days later he finally started to calm down but she still didn't seem to take to him. He followed her all over like a lovesick puppy and appeared to get on her nerves!

Just 3 weeks on though and they adore each other!! It is possibly the cutest thing I've ever seen, they have so much space to run around but choose to squash and cuddle up next to each other, licking and grooming each other. If I pick one of them up the other frets and runs around to try and find them! They love playing outside together aswell in the sunshine (Rex will refuse to go out in the rain!), hopping and skipping I have never seen bunnies so happy! The cutest thing is Rex has always played dead to get attention since the day we got him, he throws himself over on his back with his head back and legs dangling in the air, she has started copying so they both lie almost on top of each other then roll around the rug (see pic.) She is so much more confident than she was aswell, she climbs onto my knee, jumps onto the sofa and explores and plays with everything!

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